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Article I am able to send emails but not receive?
Either your domain is over quota, or your e-mail address itself is over quota. You will need to...
Views: 705
Article Do you limit the amount of mails I can send per hour ?
Yes, we do. The amount of mails sent per hour is limited to 100 per user in Linux servers and 250...
Views: 683
Article Do you offer any anti-virus protection for emails ?
Yes, we do.This comes automatically with our mail system and requires nothing fromyou to make it...
Views: 721
Article How can I setup webmail to go directly to Horde or SquirrelMail ?
1. Login to the webmail program you prefer. You can get there by going to...
Views: 772
Article How do I change the outgoing mail port in outlook 2000?
Go to 'tools', then 'email accounts'.Select 'view or change an existing account'.Select the...
Views: 694
Article How do I change the outgoing mail port in outlook express?
In Outlook Express, select 'tools' from the top menu bar. Go to 'accounts'.Select the email...
Views: 735
Article How to change the password of an email account
To changethe password on an email account, go to "Mail", "Manage/Add/RemoveAccounts" and you will...
Views: 695
Article How to enable/disable Spam Assassin
Spam Assassin is a free program that comes with all cPanel and WHM installations. It's used to...
Views: 699
Article How to manage/add/remove an email account
Log in to your cPanel and click the icon "Mail" and then click on "Manage/Add/Remove Accounts"The...
Views: 730
Article How to set the catch-all email address
FIRST this turned off by defualt and we recommend you leave it turned off for spam and spoofing...
Views: 713
Article I am able to receive emails but not send?
If you can receive mail but aren't able to send this means one of two things:1. Your ISP has...
Views: 700
Article My email isn't working
First off, relax. Take a deep breath. You're going to get an ulcer if you continue to be so...
Views: 734
Article Troubleshooting Outlook Express Error 0x800CCC0D or 0x800CCC0E
Here are several steps you can use to solve these common Outlook Error messages (0x800CCC0D or...
Views: 769
Article What is your policy on SPAM?
We have a zero tolerance policy on SPAM. If you do it, your account will be terminated immediately.
Views: 707


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