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Article Configure SilverLight in PLESK
Step 1: Log into your PLESK control panel.Step 2: Click the Domains icon from the left-hand side...
Views: 777
Article Creating An FTP Account in Plesk Control Panel
You can find a video tutorial on our blog page below:...
Views: 1466
Article Creating and Managing Email Accounts in Plesk
Creating and Managing Email Accounts in Plesk View the video tutorial here :...
Views: 1334
Article Error when connecting with MS SQL Managment Studio to MS SQL Server 2008
If you receive Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 916, when you connect with Microsoft SQL Studio:The...
Views: 778
Article Give write permissions - .mdb, files & folders
Plesk give write permissions to MS Access database .mdb file OR normal file & folderSteps:1....
Views: 774
Article How can I stop Javascript Virus warnings on my site?
Recently, a number of users have expressed concerns about a possible virus on their server. We...
Views: 777
Article How to connect to MS SQL database remotely?
- First you need to create database, and database user and password through your Plesk hosting...
Views: 760
Article How to create MSAccess Database DSN in Plesk Control Panel ?
To Create DSN for MSAccess Database do following steps. 1. Access your control panel 2. Click on...
Views: 788
Article Mailenable Component - Mail Code
Mailenable Component - Mail Code<%@ Language=VBScript %><%Dim oMailSet oMail =...
Views: 725
Article Moving an ASP.NET Application from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0
When you upload IIS 6 applications to IIS 7 you need to change of the settings in the web.config...
Views: 727
Article Sending email using CDOSYS
If you are using a Windows 2000 / 2003 Server, or even XP Pro chances are that CDOSYS is your...
Views: 789
Article Setting file/folder permissions from Plesk control panel for Windows
Setting file/folder permissions from Plesk control panel for WindowsFor users on Plesk for...
Views: 789


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