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Article Common Solution for Wordpress, in case of violating RAP
A common solution for wordpress users who are suspended for violating RAP is to use the plugin...
Views: 778
Article Cpanel Video Tutorials
My SQL A guide to creating and modifying MySQL databases in cPanel. Quality: High | Low...
Views: 1084
Article Cpanel Video tutorials to manage email
Email Accounts Manage the email accounts associated with your domain(s). Quality: High | Low...
Views: 723
Article Does cPanel support IMAP protocol?
CPanel has support for both POP3 and IMAP. You would use "mail.yourdomain.com" for the incomming...
Views: 804
Article How can I access mysql database remotely?
Under the mysql header in Cpanel, select 'manage mysql'Then scroll down to the 'access hosts'...
Views: 706
Article How do I add a mysql database?
To create a MySQL database:- Go to 'Manage Mysql' under the database header in Cpanel- In the DB...
Views: 705
Article How do I delete a MYSQL database?
Removing a database will delete that database ENTIRELY from the server. Please make sure you have...
Views: 733
Article How do I log into Webmail?
You can log into webmail by going to: http://yourdomain.com/webmail or...
Views: 789
Article I uploaded my PHP Script, and I get a Zend error page?
Make sure you uploaded your files in Binary Mode, and NOT ASCII. To Check, Reupload your files in...
Views: 701
Article I'm getting an 'Internal server error' with my cgi script. What gives?
This being a generic error, it could be caused by many things. Here are some of the most...
Views: 773
Article PHP configuration using .htaccess
PHP configuration using .htaccessThe .htaccess file is a powerful tool for modifying your Apache...
Views: 825
Article Reducing RAP violation possibility for Vbulletin forums
There are a few ways to reduce the high load problem while using a vbulletin forum. Install the...
Views: 1348
Article What are all these directories I see in my account?
public_htmlis where you place your web files. Anything you place in this folder will be viewable...
Views: 749
Article Where can I find more cPanel tutorials?
Check cPanel docs :http://www.cpanel.net/docs/cpanel/
Views: 733


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