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Domain Name FAQ

What Is A Domain Name Registrar?

domain name Registrar is a company that is authorized by central registry like ICANN to register and  manage domain names. The Registrar is also responsible for creating and  maintaining the information which is provided in the public WhoIs domain name database.

What Is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. DNS allows a domain name to resolve to the numeric IP address assigned by the hosting company. When you move hosting companies, you will need to update your DNS to ensure that the domain name points to the new web hosting company server.

What Are your Domain Name Servers (DNS)?

DNS records for Linux and Windows servers are different & depends upon the current operating server. Upon a new account setup by Xics Webhosting, customer will receive all the information of latest DNS in your Hosting Account Details Email.

Which Domain Names Do You Sell And What Are Their Fees?

We register the domains with .com, .org, .net, .biz and .info etc. The charges for all the registration of the domains are listed here

I Am Registering A New Domain Name Through Your Company. Who Is The Registrar?

Our partner for domain registration is Directi.

Do I Own The domain Name?

Yes, you are the owner of the domain name. You are not charged anything by us to move your domain name to another web host.

For any other queries please contact us throug the pre sales form here or throught the support desk here if you are an existing customer

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